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What to Expect During Your Resort Spa Experience – What to Know

October 10, 2019
Jimbaran Bay Beach - Spa

When we think of a spa, we immediately envision tranquil spaces with calming music, soothing scents, and relaxing massages. Going to a spa is one of the best ways to destress, which is why it’s such a popular attraction for vacationers. With so many resorts and destination spas, how do you decide where to go?

Choosing Your Vacation Spot: Resort or Destination Spa?

There are distinct differences between a resort spa and destination spa, even though both aim to give you a relaxing experience unlike any other. It’s important to understand these variations to get the most out of your time. Before making that booking, determine the purpose of your retreat. Are you hoping to get away from stress and detoxify for a few days? Do you want to have alone time, or are you excited to bring your family for a fun vacation?

A destination spa is an immersive environment that offers activities and pampering treatments focused on one’s health and wellness. It usually conducts lectures on meditation, essential oils, and yoga. Meals are included with your accommodation, and they’re mostly diet-based and carefully prepared by a nutritionist or a wellness expert. Because of their specific spa treatments, minors aren’t usually allowed in destination spas. If you’re seeking to detoxify, learn more about healthy living, or spend a reflective time with yourself, a destination spa is perfect for you.

Resort spas, on the other hand, are more inclusive for families and those traveling with little kids. They do not include meals and charge for every spa treatment. Some have pools and other activities like sports. That said, keep in mind that these are often billed separately. Most hotels have resort spas in their facilities as an added amenity. If you want to take your family on vacation but enjoy some me-time, then resort spas are your best option.

How to Maximize Your Time at a Resort Spa

Because resort spas are within a vacation facility, you have access to other amenities that you can try to maximize your stay. Most hotels offer physical activities, such as gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, and golf courses. Be sure to check their schedules as soon as you arrive. You’ll be sharing these amenities with other guests, so it’s wise to book your slot early.

There are resort spas that offer children entertainment so adults can have a worry-free time while pampering themselves. The kids will be able to enjoy fun and educational activities while you relax! If you’re bringing young kids, ask the reception how to sign them up.

Another advantage of choosing a resort spa over an all-inclusive destination spa is you’ll have more dining options. They’re not included in your booking, so they come at an extra cost. But here, you can enjoy a cheeseburger by the pool if you want to. You can also have a round of drinks at the bar for an enjoyable nightcap. Having such flexibility allows everyone in your family to have a memorable time.

Whether you’re planning to get a facial, a full-body massage or a complete top-to-toe pamper package, choose a destination that suits your purpose best. A spa that fully caters to your needs will make you feel more refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on life’s stresses.

Jimbaran Bay Beach Resort is the perfect place to go if you want to enjoy a variety of amenities. When you visit, be sure to make time for a day of pampering at our Lotus Spa. You’ll experience a complete mind and body experience with body masks, massages, traditional therapies, and more! If you’re looking to book a spa resort in Bali, get in touch with Jimbaran Bay Beach Resort today!