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8 Activities You Can Enjoy in Bali for Free – Our Guide

November 29, 2019
Jimbaran Bay Beach Resort

Enjoying your travel does not require you to spend much money. While shelling out cash for food and souvenirs is inevitable, there are still places that provide enjoyable experiences for free. In this article, you will discover eight of these free activities in Bali, and your smiles are the best payment for these attractions.

1. Set up camp

Take advantage of Bali’s captivating natural landscapes through camping. It’s an experience that natural resorts cannot provide, and there’s no substitute for falling asleep amidst the sound of crickets. Camping in Bali is a must-try activity, especially for nature lovers, and it is an affordable accommodation option at the same time. You won’t run out of camping sites in this paradise, starting from Mount Agung and Bukit Asah. Nyang Nyang Beach is also available if you wish to spend time in a secluded location.

2. Beach hopping

Kuta and Seminyak are some Bali beaches that you can enjoy without spending a dime. You can walk all you want in the beautiful white sand or bathe under the sun to achieve a nice tan. Meanwhile, some of the beaches require a minimal fee for parking, maintenance, and community development purposes. You’ll only spend some money if you will go for water activities like snorkeling and jet skiing. However, if you’re there only to swim and experience the breeze, you can enjoy idyllic views without pulling money out of your wallet.

3. Experience the festivals

There’s an ongoing joke among Indonesians that the Balinese enjoy more holidays than the rest of the country. While that is subject to debate and ridicule, festivals in Bali give you a glimpse of their religion and culture. The Balinese devote many days in their 210-day calendar to observe their traditions. Among their numerous festivals, the Galungan walking procession and the Ogoh-Ogoh Festival are some that stand out. Each Balinese locality celebrates a festival differently, giving you more options for immersion.

4. Take a hike

Go where your feet take you and appreciate Bali’s captivating wonders by visiting the lush jungle and peeking at the vibrant wildlife. Take a three-hour hike from Campuhan Ridge to Mount Batur to enjoy Ubud’s picturesque views and the mesmerizing sunrise.

5. Witness the sunset

You can miss Bali’s trademark sunsets if you are not in the right location. The western-fronting beaches such as Kuta, Tegal Wangi, and Uluwatu provide an uninterrupted frame of this daily occurrence. While seeing the sunset is free, you can enjoy it more by drinking beer or a cocktail beverage while sitting in the sand.

6. Chasing waterfalls

Each of Bali’s waterfalls exudes a unique charm that you can enjoy even more through cliff jumping. Glide down the natural waterfall slide or jump off the cliffs at Aling Aling Waterfall. If you want to swim in deep, cold waters while taking enviable travel photographs, Tegenungan Waterfall is the place to go.

7. Navigate the rice fields

It’s a soothing yet straightforward activity because you get to savor the crisp air while walking through stunning rice terraces. The green hue soothes your eyes, and the breath-taking landscapes inspire you to capture unlimited snapshots for free.

8. Explore more of Ubud

Limitless wonders are waiting at Bali’s art and culture capital. The vibrant neighborhood features craft shops, galleries, and cafes that induce an artistic atmosphere. Ubud also houses several temples with stunning architectural and decorative details. You can also enjoy the beats of a gamelan music group. If you have money to spare, you can take home fantastic souvenirs from the art market.

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