4 Fun-Filled Non-Tourist Activities You Can Enjoy in Bali

December 13, 2019
Jimbaran Bay Beach Resort

While there are plenty of tourist-oriented activities offered in Bali, there are plenty more non-tourist ones that anyone can enjoy. From exciting festivals to thrilling hikes, these activities, though not well-known to many tourists, are far from boring.

Are you looking to take a break from all the usual tourist activities in Bali? Here are four things you can do while still having plenty of fun:

1. Go on a Hike

While Lake Beratan is beautiful in itself, you might get bored just staring at the waters after a while. When that happens, why not take a hike up a mountain? Towering over Lake Beratan is Mount Catur, a now dormant volcano, boasting to be Indonesia’s fourth-tallest mountain.

Strap your boots, grab your walking sticks, and take a hike up the surprisingly easy trail. However, if you arrived during the rainy season, we recommend that you avoid taking this challenge. Plenty of leaches roam at this time, and we don’t want you to have half your blood volume lost by the time the trip is over.

2. Make Your Own Batik Shirt

What better souvenir can you have than one that you’ve made yourself? The Batik shirt is a traditional Indonesian form of art, where the artist utilizes different dyes and liquids to create a unique shirt. You can find many workshops in Ubud, Bali, to teach you the history of such art and how you can make your very own shirt. Not only will you have something to remind you of your fantastic trip once you arrive home, but now you’re an expert on Indonesia’s local art.

3. Eat Without Utensils

The idea of eating with your bare hands may seem alien or even disgusting to you. However, it is the way of the locals to eat with their hands. They say that it makes the food a lot better.

If you want to enjoy such an experience, look around for a local restaurant. Don’t look for touristy ones but family-run ones. There’s plenty of dishes to be enjoyed, and all with your hands. Of course, they will still provide you with the utensils, and they’ll be useful if you’re handling soup or hot items.

4. Visit a Local Market

If you want to experience how the locals do their shopping, you’d have to be ready to wake up early. While the locals come to set up shop at around four in the morning, the best time to go shopping is an hour later at five. Not only can you enjoy the fresh early morning air, but you’ll feel as if you’re one of the locals, immersed in the local sound, sight, smell, and taste if you’ve bought yourself some food. Go ahead and do some shopping. You’ll find plenty of different stuff that will excite all your senses.

While it is great that Bali offers tourist attractions, sometimes, the real experience is if you get away from the beaten path. Only then, you can truly experience what Bali is. Get to know the people that inhabit the area, learn of their experiences and daily lives. You’ll soon find your perspective of the world enlarged, not to mention all these new experiences not many get to have.

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