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Bali Destination

While it may be tempting to stay on the beach every day, there are heaps of sports and other activities that will spice up your stay in Bali.

From the tops of the volcanic mountains to the living reefs below the sea, many different terrains exist which are home to a whole host of activities

From the island’s assortment of coastlines, black sand or white, to its lush mountainous uplands, there’s always a diverse facet of Bali to experience. Engaging water sports abound, be it riding the rolling surf, exploring the underwater world, or cruising down a river between the highland ravines; flourishing and insightful cultural activities also offer multi-sensory experiences through crash courses, art classes, culinary lessons, and workshops.

Bali’s moderate tropical climate makes the Indonesian island a popular destination for vacations, with opportunities for outdoor recreation and natural and tourist attractions including Balinese cuisine, safari adventures, zoos and botanical gardens. The food of Bali draws from all over Indonesia, and Bali is home to many exotic species of animals and plants.

We are pleased to assist you with the arrangement of full day tour or half day tour to see the beauty of Bali Island. Please contact our Tour desk / Guest Relation Officer for Information & Reservation and see the details for our tour destination area.

Resort Facility | Transportation | Tour Program